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Empowering Health, Driving Change. Transforming lives.

Human Rights Research Documentation Centre (HURIC) is an indigenous, non-profit, research documentation and advocacy organisation promoting Human Rights research, implementation and reform approaches in a bid to ensure regional responsiveness to respective community Human Right’s needs.

What we do

Research & Documentation

This is a core pillar of our organization's work, driven by a commitment to gathering, analyzing, and preserving essential information.

Public Interest Litigation

We believe the law is a force for positive transformation, and PIL allows us to challenge systemic injustices for broader societal benefits.

Strategic Advocacy

We actively work to influence policies, systems, and attitudes that impact the well-being of individuals and communities in which we serve.

Community Participation

Huric believe that sustainable change can only be achieved when communities actively engage in decision-making processes that affect their lives.


The fields on which we give services

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Message from Board Chairperson

Huric-Uganda was founded in 2012 and legally registered in 2014 under the laws of Uganda. Our vision is to create a society in which human rights form the foundation of all decisions and interventions affecting the health and well-being of people. Our mission is to protect the well-being of people of Uganda by amplifying their voices in the decisions that affect them through empowerment, research and advocacy for a human based approach to health and its broader determinants.
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Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries!

Our offices at Plot 261 Prof. Yusuf Lule Lane, Makamba Zone, Rubaga Division in Kampala District Uganda.

+256 200 923319

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