Human Rights Research Documentation Centre

HURIC-Uganda is an indigenous, non-profit organisation promoting health rights through a Human Rights based approach.

Our Vision

To a society in which human rights form the foundation of all decisions and interventions affecting the health and well being of people.

Our Mission

To protect the well being of people of Uganda by amplifying their voices in the decisions that affect them through empowerment, research and advocacy for a human based approach to health and its broader determinants.


Our Programs


Research & Documentation

Our major work rolates around evidence based research and documenting evidence gathered


Health Rights advocacy

We involve practical activism and theological advocacy through movement building

Public Interest Litigation

Accountability is important for perpetrators of the law especially human rights violators


Social empowerment

Our work is aimed at improving the social status of the hard to reach communities


Latest News & Articles

Retroversion Transformation Approach

The partnerships contribution towards reverse knowledge innovation is indispensable in global health and development, without them, the global community would have failed to fully acclimate to its ever emerging health 

“Beyond aid” – Kampala Initiative

How to advance cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid?” (15-16 November 2019), we successfully broadened the debate beyond the Network members, giving more space to civil society voices and perspectives

Simple solutions for complex problems

For understanding the context of health and illness in the country, decision makers, but also development aid partners, should go to the communities and listen to their needs. 


What role does civil society play in upholding fundamental human rights in universal health coverage and primary health care? What is needed to ensure that key, vulnerable and underserved populations benefit from universal health coverage?

News & Events

Cyber Security Camp

Huric joined Defenders Protection Initiative to address digital security training and movement building among regional organisations

Myths Around COVID-19

Uganda is in a state of uncertainty in terms of health security due to the skyrocketing COVID-19 global pandemic cases being reported. 

Haella Community

The Haella community comprises of a number of CSOs, CBOs and NGOs working to promote human rights among the indigenous communities