“Boosting community-led responses to reaching the most marginalised communities: From communities to Primary Health Care to UHC.” Michael Sssemakula representing us on this platform with the main focus on the community health workers and how they are a vessel in advancing  the UHC goal in Uganda. Community-led responses for health are catalyst for UHC and in the move towards attaining the right to health. They are an integral part of comprehensive, resilient and sustainable systems for health. They are multi-dimensional, combining community-based service delivery with roles in advocacy, monitoring and governance. They bring significant value-added – often being more responsive and innovative than other aspects of health services, and having unique reach and scale. They are essential to demanding, shaping, providing and improving health interventions that are person-centered, accessible, cost-effective and accountable. They have a particular crucial role in reducing health inequity – ensuring “no one left behind” (including those who are vulnerable and marginalised) and, ultimately, improving health outcomes for all.
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