Dear Members and Supporters,

I am pleased to share with you our focus areas and programs for the upcoming year. As a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting health rights, HURIC-Uganda remains committed to advocating for policies and programs that improve health outcomes for all individuals in Uganda.

Our focus areas for the upcoming year include health rights, mental health, and community participation. We will continue to advocate for policies that ensure access to quality health care for all individuals, raise awareness of health rights challenges in Uganda, and work towards improving mental health care. We will also involve communities in all aspects of our advocacy efforts to ensure the most effective solutions to health rights challenges.

Along with our focus areas, we will also provide programs and services such as research and documentation, health rights advocacy, public interest litigation, and social empowerment. Through research and documentation, we will better understand the health rights challenges facing communities in Uganda and develop effective advocacy strategies. We will advocate for policies that improve health outcomes for all people, use public interest litigation to protect vulnerable populations, and empower communities to advocate for their own health rights through training and support.

We are confident that our efforts will make a significant impact on the health of individuals and communities in Uganda. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to working together to achieve our goals.

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