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COVID-19, the world never envisaged the health toll it would have on humanity, the magnitude at which it would contagiously spread, but it has claimed legions of lives across the globe –thus posing a threat to global health security and pressure on the meagor available resources to support the countries’ health. Already Uganda is struggling with multiple health challenges,  a weak health system due to inadequate financing for the  sector. The question across the board is how prepared are we?

We are aware of the multiple challenges faced by Uganda’s preparedness and response mechanisms to this plight, but we ask the government to provide adequate economic safety nets for all Ugandans regardless of income levels and safety equipment for the health workers  in order not to expose them to the risk of contracting the disease while on duty.

To everyone,

From HURIC, we would wish to take this opportunity to send the public our best wishes in these quite challenging times. COVID-19 has increasingly become a global health threat, detrimentally affecting us all in various ways, including but not limited to lock-downs. We wish you good health and solidarity.

Stay safe and be AWARE of CORONAVIRUS.

Sanitize, Wash your hands with SOAP regularly and maintain social distance as recommended.      

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