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October 5th, 2023 05:01 am

Challenging the Role of the Private Sector in Global Health: A Civil Society perspective on “Public Private Partnerships in Health”

In November, we analyzed the Private sector in national and global health with other CSOs in Kampala during the Kampala Initiative workshop on ‘How to advance cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid?’. Afterwards, we jointly launched the PPPS Task group which aims to provide a critical perspective on the Public Private Partnerships.

The working group examining the PPP case agreed that various aspects in the narrative needed to be examined, reviewed and the value add quantified. The analysis further prompted the group to call for civil society attention to challenging the role of the private sector in global health. HURIC is one of its core members.

More information is available on the Medicus mundi international website.

              Core team

  • Denis Bukenya, HURIC/PHM
  • Africa Kiiza, SEATINI/PHM
  • Ausi Kibowa, SEATINI/PHM
  • Siomha Cunniffe, STOPAIDS
  • Michael Ssemakula, HURIC/PHM
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