Since Uganda was part of the Lomé Initiative to Address the False Medicines Epidemic Sweeping Across Africa. We provided our analysis on BBC about the false Medicines and Its Effects On The Right To Health In Uganda, and how The Lome Initiative will address and counter the plight of the trafficking networks of falsified medicines, and how to ensure that all African citizens have access to safe and effective medicines that their families rely on.

The Lomé Initiative is a collaborative effort among African countries to tackle the issue of falsified medicines in the region. It aims to establish a common legal and regulatory framework, build capacity for surveillance and monitoring, and promote regional cooperation and information sharing to combat the trade of counterfeit medicines. For example, under the initiative, the participating countries have committed to setting up a regional platform for the exchange of information, harmonizing laws and regulations, and strengthening their national medicine regulatory authorities. The Lome Initiative

It is worth noting the contributions made by PHM-Uganda towards the Lomé Initiative. For example, the organization has been involved in advocacy efforts, public awareness campaigns, and capacity building for healthcare professionals and regulators. PHM-Uganda has also emphasized the importance of involving civil society in the initiative to ensure that the voices and needs of communities are heard and addressed.

PHM Uganda poster with BBC on counterfeit medicines

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