The International People’s Health University (IPHU) of the People’s Health Movement (PHM), jointly with PHM-South Africa and the Third World Network,  organized “THE STRUGGLE FOR HEALTH AND ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE MEDICINES” training, a short training course for young public health professionals including health activists in Cape Town, South Africa. The course is planned for young health activists and practitioners working on the issues of health, access to medicines and human rights and particularly including those involved or wishing to be involved in the People’s Health Movement (PHM). As anchors of health for all global health strategy, People’s Health Movement together with Third World Network have been so instrumental in safeguarding the full brim attention of global community to health through mobilization, strengthened health struggles, and solidarity against discriminatory health provision modalities. Their programs have encircled countering of ideological shifts and unfriendly profit driven postmodernism threats posed by the pharmaceutical corporations through a series annual trainings organized under their International People’s Health University (IPHU) program- which aims to contribute to ‘health for all’ by strengthening people’s health movements around the globe, providing space for learning, sharing and planning opportunities for people’s health activists, particularly from Third World countries. More about IPHU, check on this link:

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