The Decolonising Health in Africa working group recently held a meeting with Vinh-Kim Nguyen, a physician and anthropologist who co-directs the Global Health Centre in Switzerland. The discussion highlighted the challenges and obstacles facing the decolonisation movement in the health sector, including the entrenched colonialism and structural racism in institutions, the prioritisation of Western knowledge over local knowledge in education, and the lack of political will and public support.
The group emphasised the need to decolonise the mind and increase the representation of marginalized communities in decision-making positions in global institutions. They also explored possible collaborations between the Kampala Initiative and the Global Health Centre, including exchange visits, creating engagement platforms for local partners, and publishing on the topic of decolonisation in Africa. Overall, the meeting aimed to push forward and expand the work on decolonisation of health in Africa and create opportunities for learning, sharing ideas, and promoting local voices in the discourse. Communication and feedback will be expected from Vinh-Kim Nguyen after his discussion with the Global Health Centre.
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