In 2018, Ghana, Germany and Norway requested the World Health Organization (WHO) to take the lead in improving alignment and coordination of international cooperation in the health sector. As a result, 12 multilateral organisations pledged to better align their work in support of countries working towards the health-related SDGs: the Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being (GAP).

For several years, disintegrated and fragmented international health cooperation has burdened Low and Middle Income countries. While the preparations for the GAP started in 2018, (national) civil society was not involved in this process until June 2019, when a broad civil society consultation started. The final plan was presented in September 2019. More, see the link here.

Providing critical perspective in the ‘Watch the GAP’ group

In November, HURIC took part in analyzing the GAP with other CSOs in Kampala during the workshop ‘How to advance cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid? see the link here Afterwards, we launched jointly the task group ‘Watch the GAP’ which aims to provide a critical perspective on the implementation of the GAP. HURIC is one of its core members.

             Core team and secretariat

  • Michael Ssemakula, HURIC / PHM Uganda
    (Kampala secretariat: E-mail)
  • Myria Koutsoumpa, Wemos, The Netherlands
  • Thomas Schwarz, MMI Network, Switzerland
    (Geneva secretariat: E-mail)
  • Labila Sumayah Musoke, Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, Uganda
  • Moses Mulumba, CEHURD, Uganda
  • Wilson Asibu, PHM Malawi / Equinet
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