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How Cyberbullying Impacts Mental Health


A study found that cyberbullying is directly linked to an increased likelihood of depression. The main reason is that cyberbullying victims often cannot bear the continuous burden of online bullying. Moreover, in the long run, depression also could increase the risk of getting a number of diseases.

erode self-esteem

People who have been abused online can become doubting themselves and begin to have low self-esteem, especially when the harassing comments are targeted at their physical appearance. Furthermore, the victims of cyberbullying might start to feel ashamed to appear in public or limit their socially interact.

Disrupt academic grades

The bad effects of cyberbullying will often manifest in several or even all aspects of a victim’s life. For students, the impact of cyberbullying can be seen in their dropping academic performance and grades, because their minds are already full of negative thoughts caused by cyberbullying.

Suicidal thoughts

The consequences of cyberbullying can even be fatal in particular cases. A recent study discovered that young people under 25 who are victims of cyberbullying are more than twice as likely to conduct suicidal behavior. However, cyberbullying alone might not cause suicide, but when cyberbullying is mixed with the feeling of isolation and loneliness over a continuous period, it could be a deadly combination.

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