“Beyond aid” – the Kampala Initiative

The Launch Of  the Kampala Initiative

More  about the event  follow this link https: https://www.medicusmundi.org/kampala2019/

Since 2016, Medicus Mundi International provides spaces and input for a critical reflection on the role of health cooperation (aid) in people centred national health systems and policies. With the launch of the “Kampala Initiative” through a series of webinars and the Kampala workshop on “How to advance cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid?” (15-16 November 2019), we successfully broadened the debate beyond the Network members, giving more space to civil society voices and perspectives from the Global South, and moving from analysis to joint action. ttps://www.medicusmundi.org/kampalainitiative/

In the recent Kampala initiative workshop (November 2019) “cooperation and solidarity within and beyond aid” Civil society activists from diverse professional and experience backgrounds met in Kampala to examine the notion of Aid, dominant narratives about aid and charity emanating from the global North (the rich states helping the “poor” states- and in particular from many NGOs), establish a democratic civil society space and structure of independent, critical-thinking activists and organizations across Southern and Northern boundaries and address the failures and shortcomings of “health aid” and its actors and practices.

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