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WHO-Watchers For The WHA72 In Geneva

Following closely the work of World Health Organization, through the World Health Assembly and the Executive Board. This was a team of PHM/HURIC volunteers attending WHO-WHA72 bodies’ meetings – following up on the debates, talking with delegates and making statements to the EB. More about this check on this link

Huric-WHO watch

Team comprised watchers from six continents, that is Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. These were: Alane Ribeiro, Michael Ssemakula, Ana Vracar, Ben Eder, Gargeya Telakapalli, Sun Kim, Stuti Pant, Lucy Singh, Maira mathias, Sophie Gepp, Susana Barria and Andrew Harmer. The team was supported by the guidance of PHMers David Legge and  Lauren Paremoer.

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